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By hondacm250tb-biker, Jan 27 2020 07:14PM

So the carbs on Weej are HS2. The engine I discovered is a BMC series A engine. The tab on the engne starts 10MA - ..... so its not the opriginal engine. It says 99k miles on the clock but who knows?

anyway, we did the distrutor and that needed parts. The engine did fire fairly easily after emptying the old fuel and adding some new stuff. It just wasnt firing well. One carb was very sticky. Took the carbs off.

Cleaned the bodies in UltraSonic tank with carb cleaner.

Cleaned the mechanisms by first degreasing, then derusting then zinc plating. The plating caused some issues later due to the additional thickness of material.

Replaced all the bolts/screws/nuts with either 2BA, or 3/16 unf. All stainless A2

Polished the dashpots on the buff. This was not so good as the metal doesnt really shine up the well, or at least not for me.

The saucepan filter covers have been sprayed black and soon to be fitted.

So a couple of carb tweaks yet to get her running smoothly. Drove her out of garage and reversed back in! Too chicken to test the brakes!!!

So far

Replaced water pump;

rebuilt distributor;

rebuilt carbs;

next are the front two broken springs

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